Friday, 8 February 2008


The dictionary defines the word stupid as an adjective, hence it is used to describe people. Now honestly, there are some very stupid people who walk among us, as in who totally lack in intelligence and much to everyones chagrin exhibit the quality ofextreme stupor

Sad to say i sometimes belong to that category. Have you ever done something in your life that is completely uncalled for? Like yesterday while watching the Africa Cup of Nations semis (Cameroon vs Ghana) .Wacha some Cameroon guy called Bikey (i think thats his name)just pushed a paramedic who was trying to help his fellow team mate for no apparent reason, i mean really! yah suits his stupid ass right for getting a red card

Then comes yours truly, me. Today, allow me to strip the colour from my being and expose the vice that correctly echoes the sheng saying "kutoa rangi" This afternoon i just walked out of the studio ( am currently a jokey) and met a colleague halfway through an on air show. Now i could state in my diffence that i temporarily lost my barrings due to the excitement of their visit, i could also say the contents of the envelope i was to hand them were "costly" or i could just say i was plain STUPID especially since i was busted by boss (go figure) who did not hesitate to sms me "u have an amazing ability to want to be fired!!!!"

This is for all those sordid souls who, for no reason at all, go out and do stupid things like kill their neighnour (whom they have lived with peacefully for years) ati cause they don't speak the same language ama ( a superlative in my books) a happily married man who ditches the wife of his youth to marry a two bit whore or guys who cut ques in banks or ....yah run out of the studio in mid-air...gasp! gasp!