Monday, 23 February 2009


I know I haven't been active on my blog this year. Allow me to share with you an annoying fact...whenever I get emotional and feel like rendering my heart in words, most often than not, I am far away from a computer, pen or paper.

So I sit like a sack of anxiety and ponder my nerves off.

Right now am in the office, watching Monday's edition of re-up ( a music show that airs on NTV weekdays from 6-7 p.m). There is a segment that I am particular about, it's an events recap which my boss entrusted to me. Thing is, the guy who edits it is a proud jango ( nuff said). So I tell this proud jango to chop some irrelevant bits, he doesn't and worse of all has these excuses argh!

But that's the least of my worries...a lot of things are on my mind right now.

I have just concluded some reality tv show, everyone is expecting instant fame, contracts...hmmm

I am also beginning to long to be with God, in His steady presence that is all so quiet...everything around me is so noisy, it's like I am never alone, I am constantly surrounded by bellowing voices, whispers of people chattering, gossiping, laughing...I think am slowly loosing my noggin!

But still I wake up, longing for the breeze to visit my face ever so softly...not like it doesn't, it's just hmmmm

My elder sister is pregnant but I don't feel like a part of her life any more( remember the previous blog nolens volens)

Well now that I am in a new stage of maturity in my life ( I moved out of home, the desire to be her "best friend" overwhelms me but still, I can't pick the phone. You know because of our bitter past, bile is always pre-set at the bottom of her tongue and trust me, when she spits, it's poisonous hmmmm

I also had a falling out with my two best friends from High School, one because I spoke my mind and it was too loud, the other because I spoke my mind and it fell on deaf ears.

I have stopped believing in best I believe in Angels