Monday, 14 April 2008


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

poem (3): EXTRA EXRA

extra extra read all about it
this is the full page spread but if u want it
it will cost you extra

its like extra is the new it word in the vocabulary
you see
am talkin from the stand point
or should i say the walking point of a Kenyan
who has to transverse from south to make it up north
with blisters on my feet
at night afraid of the thugs il meet
so i walk up to the boda boda brother
and he says
it will cost you extra

extra is the new marriage
men whose fathers didnt teach them any better
get into fair weather unions
calling them communial living
their co-habitors babies
while their out chasing other ladies
it's a man thing
they cant stand monogamy
thats as disgusting and grotesque as a politician miming
peace yet supplying weapons plastered with government signings
it's time for you to keep your zip up and start sowing
seeds of a generation that is looking
for fathers that have now become murderers
smudging other mens daughters with the sin of bigotry
can somebody tell me
why there are all these bastards around
i know the answer
but it will cost you extra

extra like that parcel of land that marks a deed your not entitled to
extra like that packet of milk that now costs you
from a salary thats becoming lesser
tongues and dicks are getting wetter
greedier to get so let have forty
ugly law makers who snear on television
the creaters
of idp's and r.i.p's
and yet they want extra
and as usual our mute faces are their silencer
stating i wont speak up coz they are from my side of the lake
so we have a steak incase i want to rise higher
steak to eat so that the bones can expire
and kiss my ass , i dont care i am a bonafide liar
its every man for himself how the hell do u expect this player
to get some paper,
ill just take your ballot papers and use them to make a fire
burning churches from eldoret to othaya
and as i sky rocket this country's inflation
i will straighten up my tie and spit peace to a nation
that is already paying extra

extra for all those bastards who were never taught better
extra for the mothers who let them get away with it
extra for the lives that are now lesser kenyan,
more anger
what is the solution?
i will not listen to yapping unions
led by a gold chain wielding batallion
i am kenyan
and for that reason
i will give you an answer
and for that answer
i will have to charge you