Sunday, 25 January 2009

2009/2000 and MINE/2000 and SHINE!

Everyone has high hopes for this year. You can tell by their swagger in town, they are looking for something even if it is only the beat of their hearts that guides them.

I have such dreams this year too, crazy dreams, and I am not sure if it is vain or not, but they involve making big money:-)

I pray my dreams will take me
to the top of the green hill
where the grass feels as soft as my fantacies
those semi-dream realities
that possess me sometimes to the point where, I dare say
I can do just about anything

I can stand up and let you know what I really think of you
where my friendships are more true than far between
where people understand exactly what I mean

those medleys are beautiful
my heart if so hopeful this year
I will take my doubtful spear
and pierce ...

you want to know what?

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Happy New Year.
May God cause his face to shine upon you
May He open up the windows of heaven for you
And grant you ...your dreams