Thursday, 26 March 2009

I am a woman because of a man
who fell in love with my mother
and proved that yes he can have sperms that swim
faster that Michael Phelps and with his help
I learned to call him daddy and love my mummy
because she is mum coz he is dad
a man

I am a woman because of a man
who fell in love with me or was it I to him
my fixation on him was nearly a sin
as I gave him access to that soul within
and watched with that same liberty as he used that freedom to crush me
I am now stronger and a wiser lover
because I was a lover
to a man
...ok an asshole ( doesn't have to rhyme)

I am a woman because of a man
He is the Great I am
who looks at my tempest and is never shaken
who hungs out with me, through hell and through heaven
He told me that I am not forgoten and am highly favoured
with his romantic words I now adorn a swagger
I hold my head up High because I belong to the Most High
because He is both God and Man

I am still a woman because of a man
for those who call me sister, auntie
and for those who will call me wife
because you see the woman in me and treat me accordingly
treating me with gentleness, speaking to me attentively
arousing my feminine whiles, letting me hug your pain away
letting me cry and smile,whin and advice, follow and have my way
I am a woman , not ashamed to be called one
I am phenomenal through and through whether am a size 6 or 10
I have been since I was born and even in death even then
I will thank the men who had a hand in letting me say
I am a woman because of a man....amen and amen!

Saturday, 7 March 2009


I am so tired of being alone
Am tired of wanting to get along
Can I add, Sick and tired of being broke
Very tired of people taking me as a joke because
I don't comb my hair or have a flare that is womanlike
sure when my jeans are tight
you might like what you see but you see
dressing up isn't me
It stems from a past of covering my body up
I was afraid if I showed too much, my cup would overflow
and there we would go again and again and again so I got tired...

Tired of being called a tom boy
I mean...who the hell is Tom?
And I know that because of my dad I look like a boy
but I call it reflection
From a man who sired a woman who can change a nation
I love the fact that I look like my dad
So I'll be damned if true love tells me to take it all back
To weave it, nail polish, to give sexy back
I am beautiful even when my "fashion"is under attack

Dont you find it wierd that we all dress the same
and depending on your shade or colour,
It may add or reduce your fame
Like a big family that shops at deacons,
it's lame
To brand someone fashionable
Because their dress has a centimetre wide lable.

I am just saying
am tired of being alone
In this war of clothes
dont get me wrong, look smart, feel better about your woes
but if you do it for esteem?
Then your inner beauty is dim
No matter what they say you are a cherubim
so stop acting like sheep and act your image...HIM!

I wear clothes that fit my body
Hells yeah am sexy
Got legs that run all the way up
you know you want to touch me
But I choose to slip them into trousers
Not because I dont have the hours
to shop for a dress
But because I impress even in my distress jeans
coz am tighter than a Cavalli seam
I am a cherubim
reflection of a creation
Am just sayin.....
I am HIM