Thursday, 29 May 2008

I wrote this in that melancolic mood suitable for poetry

I heard a rumour about you Cindy

I heard that you cannot sleep at night
without the breathe of light that comes from
the reassurance that, like ur teddy bear, he will never leave
coz its like they just keep on walking away
and though you try to be real, u
can never stop them talking long enough to make them stay,
those men with spurs who keep scratching against ur skull
dis track, there back
to scare that little girl

and all that is left is a pile of wonder
always thinking about what lies a yonder
I hear that sometimes you can't sleep at night
tossing and turning coz ur tired
but we all know its fright
SING: "for how long will you sing this song...Zion's train is headed home"

I heard a rumour about you Cindy Ogana
I heard that you get confused when you are all alone
so you crack up this smile and hope that with ur tone
happiness will sweep the carpet laid in ur heart by ur mind
i heard that sometimes you embellish being wise and kind
and at times like this when u r stripped
naked to the core, u peer into the abyss
aimless and get shocked by how much the shit is
it's still there?
u swear, ul deal with it later
but for how long will u bribe jack the reaper
with a song
SING: " Zion is headed home"

I heard another rumour about you Cindy Bonita
I heard that you were shifted and found wanting
the grain remained but ur chaff started stinking up
the temple that dwells the Most High , the Messiah
yes sir, I and I ..I
heard that you can lead this temple into temptation
and the good shit is, you always come out smoke free
because the good is God and there's God in me
you are venus,
ur smile makes ur lips blush
came up from the curse, use freddy teddy more like a woman uses a purse
that u love vehemently and don't apologise for knowing
that its ok sometimes to loose ur pregnancy
that it is cool to abort sanity and wonder
coz his staff will bring you back
and theres is nothing to fear pick ur poison girl
guitar or percussion girl
ur song and sing to the world that this girl;s....
"Zion's train is coming..and it will take us home"

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