Thursday, 24 January 2008

nolens volens

happy new year mi maties! hope your keeping well. you will excuse me if i don't get into the political scenario of the year, am sure the dailies and the international media have milked that baby dry, mine is to usher in a new existence of myself, a new face, a new era and a new time

Wonder what the heading means? its Latin for unwilling or willing and that is my theme for 2008.


Coz face it, stuff happens in our lives whether we want them to or not. however i am currently reading Rhonda Bryne's "the secret" that begs to differ.None the less the law of God rules so i'll go with that for a while...

nolens volens we were all prisoners in our own homes as odm supporters toughed it out and we watched in shock and horror as innocent kenyans suffered. nolens volens i was sick during the "new year" and couldn't go to hospital hence,have a very melancolic point of view of that time, nolens volens my sister and i have grown apart

I come from a family of many women, drama very much included but there was one woman i became very attached to, my immediate elder sister. Catalysed by our two year age difference, i grew up knowing that she was my best friend and she was and will always be regardless of this ridiculous pall that seems to have fogged our otherwise loving relationship

I have a flaw of falling in love with those i care about and believing , rather vehemantly, that it is indeed my sovereign duty to take care of them especially when i think (important to note that it is a self inflicted resolution) they are "neshing". But you see human nature doesn't work like that, people are , afterall, firstly single then part of a commune. Regardless of the many trials we have achieved in the past, i forgot this year that she is, nolens volens , her. And i can't change her, and i cant make her see things from my point of view because , well, they arent hers.

So we had this big fight, pride pre-destining us to not see each others point of view but i was humbled by Joyce's Meyers teaching when she said , "you know what.. we can't get offended all the time when stuff doesn't go our way. sometimes no matter what you do or say,the other party will never look through your glass and see your reflection. All that matters is what God says about you." So am taking this season to learn what God is saying about me,more so my flaws. I have been branded an over bearing, self centered cow enough times to look into that mirror and see what i can do about the image bouncing back.

Coz like it or not, sometimes you just have to let it go so that it can come to you( if at all) and that my dear is my first post of 2008.

Let God be true and every man a liar!



Belief, belief in something, that usually is the foundation, the basis of looking forward to 'morrow, and that is life.

Wuod Nyar G'Otumba said...

Hhhhmmmm! So you wanna hear what God says of you? This year. The passion in your post is discernible, but pray, what if God decides to speak to you through those men whom you hope to be Liars? I fancy the paradox of life...may you hear God's truth in the 'lies' of men!