Thursday, 29 November 2007

Finding Neemo, your lost key, God and yourself

So am in the mat in the morning,headed towards work.Its a typical setting; mat has loud music, this time, complimented by a DVD player so I get to atleast watch the racket and not imagine the lil punks singing at the bottom of my ear lope.

The mat hasnt't even moved a yard when this quirk seated on the window seat (the one behind the dere) starts chanting and mumbling.

At first I thought, "crunk has gone cultic these days" but when the noise didnt cease, i sort to fish it out. It was some lejo man ( you know the sect:jolejo a.k.a dini ya roho...) any hoo, he was wielding a two inch wooden sword on his left arm, complete with studs (read:thumb tucks) and a string of beads on circling his right hand. So, as he graced us with his public piety, we cringed and just watched in disbelief as the Kenyan sought God, in a mat, in the morning.

Made me wonder how many things people do in order to "find" God. Some have completely given up on the chase and only view Him as an obstacle to their otherwise "unbound" life. Others, get saved, like me..then later discover that that buzz you had when you rushed for the altar call is not present when you are intoxicated at the office party and have some dudes hand up or down your dress....

Others create their own religion to conform to their own sordid reality i.e Ron Hubbard's scientology and Kina House of Yahweh...not forgetten the King of Cults the free mason's and Marlyn Manson ( ai am sorry, church of Satan? i don't think so!)

My prayer everyday is that the deeper I discover self an ultimately actualisation, the more I will find Him in a perfect state where no sword, philosophy, pop culture or condemnation is needed. Just total peace, total understanding and above all, total love

my two cents in the slot



Wuod Nyar G'Otumba said...

I do not mean to be sordid, but, would we be safe if you were God? I find this post by you a bit judgmental...pray, is religion the opium of the masses? can we find God ourselves. happenings, things and situations? I do not trust many people who are behind religions, but I would give everyone a chance to get God in any possible for through cultic dehumanisation!!

poetryloveandgod said...

(for woud nyar g'otumba) and thats your two cents in the slot...much appreciated

MACHEL, THE VP said...

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