Friday, 28 March 2008

A POEM (2)

Today is my day

am goin to take the sun and place it on my head
it will shine so bright
that my scalp will scald
it will turn my dandruff to vapour
and my skin to dust
and even then, the dust will still be golden

Today is my day

am goin to wipe the mud off my shoes
after i get off the train
i will walk with my head up high
i will tilt my head up so high the skies will split
and create a cloud the shape of God's eye
and it will soak me with rain
and even then, the mud will still be golden

Tonight is my night
i will put all phones away
i'll forget the little fight
i will peel my blanket off
sit on the bed and wiggle my toes
i will snuggle freddy teddy
and cry myself to sleep
and even then the tears will still be golden

1 comment:

Poetikally Korrect! said...

Nice poem,

The way the golden has been twisted through the dust, the mud and the tears all through the poem reminds me of one poetess (Cindy Ogana), this poem reminds me of how lyrical one can be!