Wednesday, 19 March 2008



I am a Christian woman
the heathen kind but thats a story for another day
pray tell
this is a chorus you know very well
so just to let you know
i love you

i love you but it hurts to do so
you are an unformed diamond roughened
by the slaps of isolation
by the lack of affection
and i slackened
to realise the potential of having you take space in my heart
i was so willing to see the good in you
hoping that if only i could love you
you would adversely change and love me the way i want you to

that is not the case
so am left with the choice
should i erase
the foundation of meeting you and say were through?

oh no boe

this woman knows that to move a mountain
you start will small rocks
so lets get digging
grapes dont grow together but one seed at a time
so lets get picking
and make our fine wine
and with time
God through his mightiness
will show his prowess
and make you mine

coz its not so much the loving but how you love
and since all good things come from above
can i call you my angel
and handle
you when you have fallen
you are as imperfect
as an abortion
your jars of service as dry as a skin without lotion
and we all know you gave me those flowers after i not so subtly hinted
what an ass you are for not giving them to me for valentines!!!!

by gones

lets just enjoy each others company
and as you learn from me
and I from the father
i pray that the education will teach you
to listen to the master
who is in your heart
who cheers you on and calls you
coz we are one
and when all things are undone
just so you know
i love you
till lemons become sweet
for every tear at my feet
till His will is done
lets be like the sun
and shine
as one


Perminus said...

wat state were u wen u wrote the poem coz its amazing.i like the poem

poetryloveandgod said...

i was in the wierdest state ever! when love hurts you know?