Sunday, 5 October 2008

Beauty for ashes

I met a beautiful woman who wasn’t happy and that came as quite a surprise to me coz
Beautiful women are made beautiful so that they can be happy
I mean
It all makes sense to me,
If you can live your whole life getting things tax free
Then you’re easy
and you don’t even have to become a politician to survive.

But today, I saw a sad beauty
She was gaudy, with that all rounded feeling of having thought a lot
she hurt a lot
in places culture didnt allow her to talk about
bent over
so that you cant see the makes allover
like a tatoo
yes its taboo to be her right now
no family, no house, no husband and no cow
she is waiting for land to plough
to forget what made her odd somehow

she is broken and no one can fix it
though one time she thought voting would lift her spirit
so she cast a vote and checke yes
yes for better education
yed for better schools and roads
yes for a nation that turned on her three days later
when to her shock and horror
her family was moaned down
axe for axe, pound for pound
her friends were no where to be found
police had turned carcass for hounds
axe for axe
pound for pound

Sad people cannot be happy
they are angry and putrid, filthy and horrid
Blaming every stone for conspiracy by placing itself strategically on their path

They take all their tears and bottle them up,
arrange them in shelves they store them up
so that one day, if a trace of happiness is felt, they sip the solution to remind them how bitter life really is.

They take
axe for axe
pound for pound

they call upon the spirits that tend on mortal thoughts
To fill me from the crown to the toe top-full, Of direst cruelty!
Sad people ask the murdering ministers to come to their woman's breasts,
And change their milk to gall so that not even God can peep through heavens the blanket and cry 'Hold, hold!'

But that is not so for beautiful people
oh no
They wake up every morning,
their bodies aching from last night’s insomnia.
They go on their knees and hustle on in this Sodom and Gomorrah
They sip cold coffee and wear nice shoes that are a tad tighter and cheaper, they have that extra swagger coz inside,
They know that no matter
how small the effort, how faint the smile
they can see the Missisipi from the Nile,
and you can be anything!

They are beautiful not because they were born that way but because they choose to be that way
And live a tax free existence

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