Monday, 13 October 2008


Apostle Nyagah has some nerve declaring that women cannot wear trousers in church I mean, who is he? I have been at this game of salvation and protestant living long enough to declare that, in some churches, Sundays should just be called what they are, A MONEY MAKING SCHEME. Has his pockets grown so heavy with our tithes and offerings that he has forgotten the humble beginning of Neno Evangelistic church, when women wore trousers without a single word of protest from him? Is he so haughty, that he now conveniently forgets that the women –wearing-trousers sermons are the same as crying for a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye!

“Behold, the old has gone but the new has come” Jesus did not come to change the law but to complete it, not for people like Apostle sijui who, to declare that women, those low beings that we can dictate to like children, should not wear trousers. The unmitigated cheek! Shame on you!

In campus we had, what I believe was the most ridiculously hypocritical C.U in our pagan existence. Students, who became church leaders by virtue of how loud their tongues could wail, would pompously stand on the pulpit and declare 21st Century chauvinism! These are the same people who have children out of wedlock or were caught at some women’s hostels at an ungodly hour, literally! From this experience, I came to realise that doctrinal decrees are at best whimsical, based on the personal convictions of an individual. These men-of-God have been brought up in gichagi, where there mothers and sisters wore flared long skirts and tied headscarves on their heads. Now in the bid towards earning a shilling, they come to town, start churches and begin passing on their personal beliefs and norms to people, who have seen skirts and trousers long enough to know if you are looking for trouble you will find it!

Does Grace Msalame, a beautiful woman by the way, dress indecently? Hell no! But how many men ogle at her generous hips! Let me tell you, even if you wear a bui bui, if your head is in the gutter, it will look for rubbish. These so called “men” who called Classic 105 this morning declaring that women should not wear trousers…period. These are the same callous fiends who fornicate in private, are probably addicted to porn or have an unsatisfied sex life. Please! Don’t hate what you can’t conquer, and if you share the same school of thought as Apostle Nyagah, then the picture is for you! Bon Appetite!


Ciss said...

Lol! Good one

naomi kamau said...

let me tel u my sister, dont agree to be used by the devil to insult Men of God unless yu are one of the devils agents.when a pastor and i stand to be corrected preaches about attires like funny tops, showing boobs and trousers that are suggestive its because it may be a weapon used to fail church ministry by the devil and im not calling yu one...when you will be promoted spiritually and God blessed to understand spiritual matters and what happens in the spiritual realm my sister yu will understand that yu are not provoked as a person about the attire..... may be the pastor teaches that to get rid of strong holds that the devil uses ...this is because different people are weak in different areas and may be when he (pastor) sees a lady with trousers he's is tempted sexually and as the pastor he has a discretion to eliminate that which will stop many to go to heaven.. when he's off the pulpit which he was called to do after he sins sexually. So my sister yu should not take personally by insulting pastors because yu are the one who will lose ...meaning please... its a losing battle yu are fighting...i also wear trousers but make sure they are decently done not provocative or suggestive....please....pray to God to give you the spirit of discernment so that you dont take things personally when you are corrected by church ministers or yu will hate all pastors and end up with no Church at all ....remember if yu attended a church one day its a good course of action and you do not know whether yu also were called to preach like the pastor....remember it has to start somewhere...U might be the next pastor and yu will not take critics kindly...because God says "DO NOT TOUCH MY ANOINTED". i have witnessed people die when they try to wrestle with what God is speaking thr the preachers..iam only a market-place preacher if yu understand what i mean but i know that a fight with God will no be one you will my sister...Go to church because you are delaying your blessings release... by fighting pastors...i support them over 100% and dont kindly do not like to appear in the list of my enemies because they must bow to obedience of Jesus authority...yu will know it when God promotes yu to a level where your eyes will be opened to see better t. Do not help the devil fight Church because the Church of Christ Must Win and you will be embarrassed...More so do not insult my pastor cos all the curses will come your way and your generations be good girl dress decently...pray for pastors instead of fighting them cos u r the loser Here... i am born again daughter of zion and headed to heaven whether yu critic me or not...what if i say "Shame on you" too for writing non-sence online about pastors...I forgive you on behalf of my pastor...naojesee