Thursday, 1 November 2007

do u feel me?!

So i have this terrible habit of relying on other people to make me happy, more so my romantic attachments. si you know how love is? You swear to each other that you will never leave each other and you will always be there for each other.
That, coupled with a wide selection or love songs such as" never too busy for you babe"-kenny latimore bla bla
So naturally when am feelin down I turn to my jamaa to lift me up. which he does, most of the time
Today i realised that he is only human. Have someone ever asked you to be there for them when your tired, busy or in a solitude mode?
Well today that happened to me, i kinda like flirting in the middle of the day, I think it spices up your relationship. Thing is my dude doesnt feel it at all..the way i so dont feel that whole kibaki tena stuff
Anyhoo, so here I am flirting away, my eyes wide, with a very silly smug look on my face, the dude is not responding
So what do i do? ( pms induced by the way..) i get pissed and log off
At the back of my head am thinking, sms me and tell me your sorry
After hours of not getting an sms, i mellow and laugh at how silly i am
Flirting gives me joy ( flirting with my guy by the way weeeeeeeee wacha mambo,,,lol)But thats my joy!
Who makes you happy? is it a person? or you. You see by sulking , I stole my own joy, joy that is only mine to give, not anybody else. We , I , live in a world where we are obsessed with reciprocity. As much as its a plus in relationships, when it comes to choice of joy, i beg to differ
I think you should do whatever the hell makes you happy! Call him in the middle of the day and tell him a dirty joke...or that you love the Kenyan. He will appreciate it but if he doesn't do the same, dont sulk, smile coz you made your self happy!
If you wanna hear his voice call and say hi, dont sit back and say" si anipigia simu kubafu yeye" we jibambe niaje?
So ive stopped sulking and all together sending flirtatious smses to my not so flirtatious man friend coz when it counts, he reciprocates and thats all that matters really
ama vipi?

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