Monday, 5 November 2007

I need a Gun to shoot her or a new job...Lord, what will it be?

The title pretty much speaks for itself but before you brand me as delusional, lemme explain
There's this chic I work with. She is honestly impossible to be around and like.
She has this class one tantrums that aggravate you to the point where your eye starts twitching are your thoughts are aligned with the movie rockie balboa
I pride myself in being a very reasonable and patient person( what, coming from a family of learn a thing or two)
But this chic takes the cake!For no reason whatsoever she's rude... as in your of salimiaring her, she's of lengain or making a snide remark. The thing with her schizophrenia mentalities is that they are random. One day your hot and heavy next you're her enemy , a vicious, venom spitting leprechaun


So i started lengain her vibe i mean, u are so not going to pimia for me when i should greet you or not, to hell with that. Thing is, i work at a place where from 1-1:30 , daily, i get to analyse preachings by Joyce Meyer and the whole month she's (Joyce) has been speaking about forgiveness(even when it pains you..) i tried it out once, decided to be the "bigger one" hmmm...I was getting a drink of water at the cooler. she was seated next to it, probably seething from one thing or another. sawa sawa si i say hi


Why did i even bother, the class A bitch( pardon my french Lord but how?)

So i have humbly come to the conclusion that there are some people you cannot live'd rather lick a pavement!

Therefore for all those closet Christians like me, what to do? ignore them and blogg to relieve the strong anxiety to shoot them or resign
p.s did you know there's a site called this ones a wierd one ebu check it out


Violas Iris said...

Imagine it's best to just let it go and erase her from you spirit. I call such people spirit dampeners! Just inhale and release her.

Wuod Nyar G'Otumba said...

Sometimes I have prayed to get a thing with which to wipe some people out of the face of this earth...only to realize we choose not whom to work with, share God's life with etc. I then noted that indeed it could be that we are in this earth with those we do not desire to see so that we can find God. To such as the one that pissed you off, may that which is of God in her sooth that which is of God in you! Peace.