Thursday, 1 November 2007


Hey hey

this is my first post and am sooo excited...why because i have finally discovered why i should blog

Two days ago i was having a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine about blogging. You see, he used to blog at a time when his life had a "locust invasion" you know when everything tastes, smells and feels like a gruel of cement and flagyl!

Well, it helped him get through it coz now that he looks back, he can clearly see the difference from where he is to where he was

I however have to admit that i thought it was filled with alot of self pity and anger . That was until I gave some guy at work my poems to read and he said " aiii they are huruma huruma" read " they make me feel sorry for myself and tempt me to dangerously dance on the ledge of a very tall building chanting God is dead!"

Gosh that crushed me, here I was thinking my poems give people an insight into my world as well as teach people and yet here was this Kenyan telling me ati huruma huruma man, i was pissed!!!

Then I went back to the guys blog andI identified with some anger that he displayed

thats when it hit me: blogging is an avenue to vent and share your vents( you know what i mean) with like minded or not people coz every now and then you need to write it down so that you can pat yourself on the back when you succeeded in either teaching someone somthing or sharing an insight in your life or not shooting

Anyhoo so you can tell my blog is about poetry , love and God plus everything in between why? because these three elements form my trinity, my essence and my confusion

so enjoy, comment and i hope you learn something...or not



Deviant Miscreant said...

Its a good thing to blog. Post it all there and have a reference for later. And if you want the world to can!

Violas Iris said...

Hey welcome to blogging. It's a wonderful world where you learn that no matter what changes in your life things tend to remain the same... ie how you view the world, what you want from life. It's a lovely journey of the soul.