Monday, 5 November 2007

women behaving badly

hey hey hey
it is Monday and I am so sad that the weekend came and went that fast , I had a blast and it was all green!
lemme explain
first of all, a lil' street purchasing advice(si u jua hawkers are back with a bang of plastic papers and litter)
so thursday am walking home, trying to concentrate, my vision impaired by the hawkers wares, the people and fatigue from jobo
I come across some tunice ballet pumps and i quickly buy them , i mean they were 200bob, a size 7and a half (blame my dad) and lacy!
wacha i fika digs and discover they are actually pale green instead of white!
street lights at night lie!
So i took the lime and made lemonade,i wore em on sato with a green rugby top, and strutted my nature wear to the "women behaving badly" concert at the GoDown Art Centre.
It was a blast, met some new crazy people i.e Viola a.k.a....(chic you are a kenyan version of Alias converts...literaly) Naliaka( she came and went with a kick ass poem!about beatin the crap out of some dogging guy) babes, i couldnt help but imagine myself in those karate chop poses bashing my
Njeri's poem was an eye opener( enyewe us chics of nairobi tumespoil ;-) and Eudiah! when i grow up i wanna have legs like hers
So twas a blast, after that dundad with my boys, work on sunday, no play today. have an awesome week and whatever time you read this oh dear viewer of my blogg, remember: don't let anybody steal ur joy...the world didnt give it, it sure can't take it away

P.S blogging is turnin out to be more of a plan than i thought hmmm...


Violas Iris said...

what? you mean you had a wardrobe malfunction with the shoes! i'd never have guessed. you looked on point.

poetryloveandgod said...

haha its called being a chic, we can make miracles out of mistakes..thnx though

Wuod Nyar G'Otumba said...

Hahahahaaaaa...karate classes...chopping a man who's you! You will kiss and eat so many frogs before you get your intended! If wishes were fishes, then we would all be fishermen. Nice blog you have here. I would love to read more of your poetry. Check my blog sometime if you get the space...GOOD LUCK in your all. TINDA.