Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Happy Birthday to me

So today i turn 25
I woke up dead beat because last night i was combing through the hawkers market desperately looking for a nice top for my birthday. Off course i didn't find any so i opted for Tuskys ( does that name just annoy you especially when the vision of that silver toothed guy flashes before you) anyhoo
. So am at Tuskys right, they have this wide range of Enka Rasha rejects that look as bad and faded as the clothes from the street. I decide to go all girly ( only 25 once right) so i go to the skirts section. I find the one i want, i go to the changing room its like ten sizes too big. These dweebs fold skirts twice to make them look like a size 10 but they are actually a size 16. So i go through 20 minutes of these plus size discoveries until i decide , to hell, better the devil you know...i buy a top that can match with my jeans in the digs.

I get home around 9:30, shower and do my toe nails...Scarlet red..nice...thing is, nail polish takes forever to dry and am sleepy so i think to hell and jump under the covers , smudge and all.

I wake up at 5:50 a.m on November 8th 2007 feeling like shit lemme tell you today has been the most awful morning i have had in a long time . And the more i remind myself of the jubilation supposed to be followed by this festive event the angrier i get, i mean it was have heels on with gold jewelery and a very Small top but noooooo the heavens had to open their flood gates which did nothing for My asthma. I hurriedly scamper to the bus stop thinking, if am early i can get the train and save on bus fare plus traffic. Luckily i make it on time to join the already swelling crowd at the terminal. God then looked down, saw a small stain on my body that perhaps i had missed during my hurried cold shower and decides to fix it...with a downpour of icy rain!


I ingia a mat in a rash to avoid wetness and asthma. The mat soon leaves even before the train so i reason...yeah! i have saved time...shock on the sister, the train arrives like 5 minutes later and passes me as i am huddled in this stinky metal carriage between school going children and noisy mothers!
I was stuck in traffic from 7a.m to 8:30

Double shit!

By the time i got to Town i was six by products of mad. Still got rained on boyfriend calls me up to wish me Happy birthday and because of my already brooding mood am thinking "whatever"
Get to work every ones assuming you, i log onto messenger no one is on, my heels are killing me, am tired, bila psyche and its only 10 a.m!!!

Triple shit!

POINT: Theres too much pressure put on one day...valentines, birthdays, anniversaries...i think the real moments are the ones not marked in the calendars but those marked by their random awesomeness...wacha hii siku iishe so that we can have many many happy birthdays from tomorrow till November 8th next year!


Judy said...

Have you decided to stop blogging all together? :-)

poetryloveandgod said...

weweee number one fan...nice

Wuod Nyar G'Otumba said...

Ok, ok gal..stop sulking. Count your blessings, not your 'shits'!! Though we haven't ever met, let me, belatedly, say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more blessings in the year ahead. You are a quarter CENTURY old!